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Sharing your work experience helps other workers thrive, students and job seekers make better career decisions, and managers and employers create a better working environment.

Policies to share your work experience

  • You can share your work experience with us using the form below.
  • We share your work experience anonymously on this website.
  • It is good to share the company background, what struggles you have been through, what decisions you have made, and what you’ve learned that can help others.
  • It is good to share things based on facts, what you experienced first hand instead of rumors.
  • Don’t share any insulting, abusive, or curse words. Emotional outbursts do not help other people in the community.
  • We put a “work email verified” badge on your sharing if the provided email can be confirmed.

Work email will be kept as private information and will not be shown to others. Work email is only used to confirm you are really working in a company. No other purposes.
Individual salary will not be shown. Average annual salary will be calculated and shown once there are more than 5 people from the same position, company, or industry reported.
How a person is evaluated in the company? How can a person get promoted, a bonus, or a salary increase? What are the pros and cons of the evaluation system?
Any support for housing, stock option, career growth, language learning, health improvement, retirement support.

Other ways to contribute to the community.