Help global IT talents find a job in Japan

How do we help IT talents?

We help IT talents in Japan or from overseas to find a job in Japan.
We mainly help you in the following 2 ways

  • Through an employee referral program from a community member’s company.
  • Through experienced recruiters in Japan that members of the community recommend.

Please fill in the following form to let us know your situation and we will contact you via email shortly.
Your information is not used for any other purposes.
Your information is only shared with a qualified recruiter upon your agreement.

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What kind of job opportunities can you expect?

We mainly help the following talents

Application Engineer, Infra Engineer, Data Engineer, Security Engineer, Mobile Engineer,

Project Manager, Product Manager, Producer,

Data Scientist, Researcher,

Technology Management, People Management,

SAP engineer and consultant,

UI / UX designer

For more concrete examples of the positions, company culture, interview process, and salary range, please DM Shih-Wen Su on Slack.

What is a typical process to land a job in Japan through this community?

Although the hiring process of each company can be very different, we can summarize the process below.

  1. Fill out the application form to let us know your situation and what kind of jobs you are looking for. (1 day)
  2. Have an online chat and send us your resume. We’ll find an experienced recruiter that is suitable for you. (3 days)
  3. Experienced recruiters will help you figure out which position is suitable for you and help you send your resume to the company upon your agreement. (1 week)
  4. Have 1st, 2nd,… and final interviews with the target company. (4-8weeks, depending on the company)
  5. Experienced recruiters will help you get hired through the process and negotiate your package for you.

How to apply for a job through the community?

Please fill in the job application form to get started →

Why should I find a job via Hello World Japan?

  1. Community ensures the quality of target companies and recruiters. All companies and recruiters must have an interview with the community leaders to ensure the target company has a foreigner-friendly, culture-rich working environment.
  2. Get advice from senpai(predecessors) who applied for the same job or worked in that position before.
  3. Get interview tips from the community. Just go to the #interview-tips channel on Slack and ask about interview tips for a certain company.
  4. Get paid for getting hired. The community funds you for 5,000 yen if you get hired by a target company we introduced or via a recruiter that partners with us.

[Campaign] Introduce a friend to get hired.

We are running a campaign now. If you are introduced by a member of Hello World Japan, when you get hired by a partnered company or via a partnered recruiter, both of you and your friend will get 5,000 Yen Amazon( gift cards from us.

You and your friend’s Slack ID must be filled in the application form when you applied.

Join the community and get your community Slack ID here.

How share my interview experience?

You can contribute to the community by sharing what you’ve learned through the interview on Slack or through our form.

Who partners with Hello World Japan?

Hello World Japan partners with selected recruiting companies and works with trustworthy recruiters in Japan.

Our current recruiting partners

How to become a partner?

We are looking for companies who are actively hiring foreign IT talents. We are also looking for recruiting companies that can provide professional career advice and interview guide to our members. To keep the quality of our service, any potential partnership needs to be recommended by a member of the Hello World Japan community.

Please contact us if you want to become a partner here.